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The healing benefits of water

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Masuru Emoto is a Japanese researcher who has studied what it means to live in the "world of water". He did an experiment in which he added a message to water, froze it down to -12 ° C, and then photographed the crystals the water had formed. Here gratitude, love, peace, manifested themselves in a beautifully formed crystal structure. Whereas evil, hatred, jealousy, etc. had no form, it looked rather chaotic. (see picture below) The conclusion of the experiment is that water carries information and is affected by thoughts, in other words, our thoughts can affect the well-being of our body. Peace, meditation, positive thoughts and prayer form a beautiful crystal shape, and can affect our well-being. In contrast, hatred, jealousy, anger, and malice showed no structure in the water other than chaos. The cells did not work together to create a beautiful image. This may explain how our cells respond to positive and negative thoughts inside our body. Our own thoughts and feelings have an impact on us, in addition, thoughts and feelings from our surroundings also have a significant impact on us. Therefore, I believe that by helping and lifting each other, we create the most beautiful kind of crystal together = love.

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