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Spiritual mentorship

 If you are in need of support related to your spiritual awakening, strength to face challenges so that you can find your inner light and stand strong in it, I am offering a mentoring course.

The tools I use in the course are individually tailored so that they are adapted to your spiritual needs. You will find the sessions to be represented in a loving and uplifting way. I use combinations of treatments and also other tools through the messages I get. 

Example of a spiritual awakening and how it can feel:

  1. The Beginning - Confusion
    Restlessness and a feeling that something is not quite as it should be, without necessarily being able to put your finger on what it is.

  2. Middle - 
    Referred to as The dark night of the soul"
    There can be major external changes such as divorce, moving, death or new job, career, and internal changes where you suddenly feel like changing everything in your life: New clothes, new hair, new interior, new job, new relationships etc.
    Everything is thrown up in the air, you no longer know who you are and where you are going.

  3. The End - Light at the end of the tunnel
    Calm settles down and you begin to build a new, upgraded version of yourself.

price: 4 X 60 mins. per month for DKK 5000 

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