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My journey home 

Dear beautiful soul, welcome to my spiritual universe.

Ever since I was a child, my Indian roots have guided me on the spiritual path. I have always had a strong connection to my angels, and I am excited to guide you.

I initially chose the path of health sciences, where I trained as a dentist at the University of Copenhagen. For 10 years, I have been employed at the University, teaching various dental subjects with a keen interest in microbiology and immunology, among other fields. Through my role as a teacher, I have worked for many years to incorporate spirituality into my classroom management.

Upon realizing that I am an empath with intuitive abilities, I shifted some timelines. Over the past decade, I have used these skills in my previous roles as a teacher and in the dental industry. In my interactions with the people I taught and treated, I often received intuitive messages for my students and patients from the guides. Through these messages, I helped them individually to stand stronger.

I have utilized these channeling abilities throughout my life, especially in my role as a teacher, where the consciousness of separation was highly dominant. Beyond academic achievement, my primary goal was to bring love and creativity into my classroom. I applied universal laws without fully understanding them theoretically.

My spiritual awakening began in 2010 while working as a dentist. I sustained injuries to both arms, rendering them useless, and I experienced stress. Subsequently, I had to leave my job, and my health was severely compromised. It felt as if I were dying inside because I had spent so many years educating myself. However, this state was meant to guide me towards rebirth. My first awakening occurred during this period, though I was not conscious of it at the time. Everything in my life had fallen apart, and I didn't know how to rebuild myself.

Some time later, I was recommended a film called "The Secret." After watching it, I thought, "No, this is too incredible, why have I never heard of the universal laws?" I couldn't believe that manifesting the life I desired could be so simple. In the following months, I worked on understanding these laws. Within two months, I had manifested my new job and a new apartment. Over the next couple of years, I became better at manifesting the things I wanted. I discovered that I had transmuted my darkness into light through the tools I acquired.

In 2020, while still a teacher, I underwent my second awakening. Circumstances at work escalated, and I found myself in a deep state similar to before. Nothing I did made sense to me anymore. My guides nudged me, and in my dreams, I heard that it was now! Many indescribable magical things happened during this period. This strengthened me in my process of rebirth, and I knew that everything would change for the better.

I received a strong call from my guides to be part of a larger mission. I had received this message repeatedly in the past few years. I felt a strong urge to empower and heal others on a larger scale than I had done before.

Now, I decided to say goodbye to my job as it no longer served me. In this period, I became more and more sensitive, and my abilities grew. This time, my spiritual development progressed so rapidly that I had trouble keeping up. Once again, I was reminded of how important it is to live in the present. I chose to reshape my life and decided to "embrace" my mission. In my encounter with Lone Hertz, I realized that this has been the best decision I have made in my life. Even now, years after, I blend my scientific perspective with my work as a Medium, Numerologist, Healer, and Spiritual Mentor, experiencing a state of ultimate flow.


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