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House cleansing

Cleansing your home is essential to clear energy blockages in the body.

The tradition of purification has existed for centuries and is an ancient spiritual ritual that originated with the Indians. Room cleansing is a form of modern alchemy, and ceremonies are performed for healing and to clear the build-up of​​ emotional and spiritual negativity. Buildings collect and accumulate energy blockages in the human body, and therefore cleansing is important for maintaining the health and well-being of all those in the household.

Energy clings to everything, it can occur in the form of housebound deceased members and adhesive spirits who are not aware of them not being alive anymore. I can help them travel blissfully to the the other side. This is done with light and love. After that I proceed to clean all the rooms and also fill them with light and love.

Price from: 2.000 kr. 

Billede af Erik Müller
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