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Plantbased food

A plant-based diet consists of whole and unprocessed plants such as fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, seeds and whole grains, possibly with the addition of small amounts of animal products.

The term ;plant-based diet; was coined by professor of nutrition and biochemistry Colin Campbell. He later clarified the term to;whole food plant-based diet . In Danish, however, the usual expression is simply;plant-based diet.

A plant-based meal is a meal that is based on plants, which are preferably whole and unprocessed, but where something animal can be served as a side dish.

A plant-based product is a product that consists of 100% plants.

I offer to teach you how to make easy plant-based dishes, both Danish and Indian dishes. it takes place at my place and we will cook the food together. 

Price: 1 hour DKK 500 

Billede af Angèle Kamp
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