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Frequency levels and meditation

David R. Hawkins was a psychiatrist a physician and a researcher. Below is a chart of his model on frequency levels.

The goal of meditation is to raise our vibrational level so we can be at a high level of a vibrational state in our daily lives. Being in a positive vibrational state raises us from negative thoughts that have low vibrations, so they won´t bring us down.

When we deal with people and the quality of their thoughts are higher, so will their vibration and quality of human awareness be. -Amyn Dahya.

1 person that resonates on the frequency of love has the ability to lift 750.000 people that resonate on anger, sorrow, shame etc. Sometimes we meet a person we just want to be around and we feel happiness and peace, what is happening here is that their level of frequency is lifting us up.

Dr. Amyn Dahya explains that, similarly low vibrations don´t lift us up, in fact they pull us down. Depending on your state of vibrational level, you may be able to lift such people up. If our vibrations are weaker, they may pull us lower and clutter our minds so that we may loose clarity. We can either choose to walk away or we can help that person lift his or her vibration through their own strength. It all depends on you. Sometimes it serves us well to walk away , that doesn´t make us a weak persons it just means that we have protected ourselves.

Meditation can help lift our consiousness.

Hatred, selfishness, selfcenteredness can damage the organs in our body and our blood, creating the onset of illness. The quality of our health is corelated with the quality of our thoughts and emotions. Negative thoughts make us frustrated hurting others and ourselves. Therefore I believe that this chart is very essential when it comes to our wellbeing.

Photo credit: Sir David R. Hawkins M.D., Ph.d.

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